About WE not ME

Hey Guys,  It's Dina, Well here WE are, A HUGE Thank you to Kerri for initiating this beautiful page for us all. WE NOT ME was Officially coined by our One & Only JasonQ back in 2017 when Jason started "Digging." He's always referred to his research by saying, "look what WE found".... When you ask Jason who WE is, he'd say,, "It's ALL of us, sharing information together." Now, 2024 with over One Million documents printed and counting, The We Not Me family is growing. WE can't Thank you enough for all your love and continued support.  On behalf of all of us here at home, Albert, Sparty, Butterscotch, Sami, LilBit, Q, Louie, Tank, Lando, Charlie & her 4 new kittens, (yet to be named), Delta, Sama, Toby, Roo, Oreo, Stuby, Squeaker, Patton, The Raccoons, The Opossums, Jason and Myself,  WE Sincerely Thank You All!! Welcome To The We Not Me Family :)